ZZ Biotech LLC is a clinical stage company developing innovative biologic treatments for ischemic stroke. ZZ Biotech was formed in 2006 to focus on the development of 3K3A-APC, a novel second-generation variant of a naturally occurring human protein, activated Protein C (APC). The major unwanted side effect of APC is bleeding, which limits its pharmacologic dosing in man. 3K3A-APC has markedly reduced anticoagulant activity, but preserved cell-protective and anti-inflammatory activities compared to wild-type APC. In animal models of stroke 3K3A-APC has shown an advantage over wild-type APC in enhanced efficacy and reduced risk for bleeding. Additionally, the combination of 3K3A-APC and tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) provides benefits well beyond those found with either agent alone. ZZ Biotech is currently recruiting patients in a multicenter Phase 2 clinical trial of 3K3A-APC in patients suffering from acute ischemic stroke. The study is being supported by the National Institutes of Health through a pair of NeuroNEXT grants. The Phase 2 study is to evaluate safety, tolerability and activity of ZZ Biotech’s 3K3A-APC when given after tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), mechanical thrombectomy, or both, in patients who have experienced moderate to severe ischemic stroke.