AtaCor Medical, Inc. is developing a novel cardiac pacing method that does not require any direct connection to a patient’s heart. Today, when patients require pacemaker therapy, pacing hardware is inserted into the veins and attached to the inside of the heart, a process requiring extensive x-ray imaging. Once implanted, this hardware can lead to serious complications with challenging removal procedures, even for newer “leadless” pacemakers. Furthermore, today’s temporary pacing leads, used in emergencies and other planned procedures, often force bedrest restrictions on patients, and carry their own set of risks. AtaCor’s substernal pacing lead is inserted without any need for medical imaging, allowing for faster, less-invasive therapy delivery. The unique placement avoids the need to access the patient’s vascular system and leaves the heart completely untouched. AtaCor’s technology will offer a new treatment option for both transient and chronic bradycardia, including the escalating need for temporary pacing in conjunction with TAVR procedures.