Provasculon is developing novel therapeutic proteins that help organs damaged by ischemia to heal.  Ischemia is the primary cause of injury and loss of function following a heart attack, in chronic heart failure, and in peripheral vascular disease. Provasculon’s technology works by recruiting and activating stem cells that regenerate blood vessels and promote repair of injured tissue.  In animal models, Provasculon’s lead protein therapeutic can restore hearts that have been damaged by severe ischemia to near normal function.

Provasculon was founded by pre-eminent leaders in cardiovascular regenerative medicine from Harvard University. The company has assembled an experienced team of successful scientists and entrepreneurs to develop regenerative protein therapeutics through proof of principal Phase 2 clinical studies, and is supported by a syndicate of well-respected venture capital firms

Provasculon has been acquired by Mesoblast, an Australian based company developing allogeneic or ‘off-the-shelf’ regenerative medicine products focus on repair of damaged tissues and modulation of inflammatory responses in conditions with significant unmet medical needs.

Provasculon was acquired by Mesoblast in 2013.